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Gizmo Heroes provides in-home tech support for the San Antonio area. Services include new Mac & PC setup, home theater setup and smart home installation.

Computer Setup & Support

Need help with your Mac or PC? We specialize in new computer set up and troubleshooting.

Home Theater Installation & Setup

We can mount your TV or setup and install home audio equipment. From simple sound bars to multichannel audio. We'll connect gaming consoles, streaming devices and receivers and we can even set up Harmony remotes to control everything.

Smart Phone Setup

Need help setting up your new phone? Whether your upgrading you're upgrading to a newer model or switching from iOS to Android (or vice versa) we can make sure the switch is seamless by transferring apps, messages, and setting up your email, contacts, and calendars.

Home Networking

Get everything in your home connected to the internet with a reliable router and a strong signal. We can recommend routers and securely set up your home network and connect all of your devices.

Smart Home Installation

Home automation starts with Gizmo Heroes. Save energy with smart a thermostat, get convenience and security with smart locks and doorbell cameras all while controlling everything your voice.

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Gizmo Heroes

Gizmo Heroes
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